Agropoli (Salerno – Campania)


UNESCO World Heritage, Blue Flag for its crystalclear waters, gateway of the Cilento National Park,Agropoli is the ideal place to spend a relaxing vacation along its coasts, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Agropoli is rooted in a very ancient date. In the Greek era at the mouth of the River Testene there was a bay used for trade. In Roman times, on the seafront currently named “San Marco”, a seaside village called “Ercula” was created, useful landing to serve the nearby town of Paestum.In the 6th century the Byzantines fortified that site, giving it the name “Acròpolis”, the high city. After several centuries of domination of Byzantines and Saracens, the feud of Agropolibelonged to the Sanfelice, an aristocratic Neapolitan family. Only in the 1800s when the nightmare of the invasions came to an end, the town expanded beyond the ancient, sea overlooking village.

                                                                 THE FLEET


                                    Bavaria 40 Cruiser (2010)                  Sun Odyssey 449 (2017)                         Bavaria 46 (2014)                                Bavaria 50 (2002)

                                           7 pax / 3 cab / 2 wc                             10 pax / 4 cab / 2 wc                              10 pax / 4 cab / 3 wc                             12 / pax / 5 cab / 3 wc

                            THE FLEET

Bavaria 40 Cruiser (2010)
7 pax / 3 cab / 2 wc
Sun Odyssey 449 (2017)
10 / pax / 4 cab / 2 wc
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (2014)
9 pax / 4 cab / 3 wc
Bavaria 50 (2002)
10 pax / 5 cab / 3 wc

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