Marsala (Trapani – Sicily)


Located on Cape Boeo in Trinacria, Marsala, in the province of Trapani, is famous for the landing of Garibaldi and the Mille on 11 May 1860 and for the production of the homonymous Marsala wine, that’s why, since 1987, it’s Wine City.It lies on the ruins of the ancient Punic cities of Lilibeo (Lilibeum in Latin), from whose name derives from the name of Lilibetani (in addition to that of Marsalesi) for its inhabitants and Mozia, located within the Regional Nature Reserve of the Islands of the “Stagnone of Marsala”.Cicero was quaestor of the city between 76 and 75 BC and thehis sentence: “SplendidascivitasLilibetana” (Splendid Lilibetana city) became famous. Just in the sea in front of the city, in 241 BC, the Punic Wars were fought. A wreck of a Punic shipused during the Punic Wars is maintained in the Lilibeo Regional Museum. The modern city has three areas: two, the northerncoast, the southern coast and the hinterland. In front of city there are the Egadi Islands of which the most famous is Favignana.

                                                                 THE FLEET


                                     Sun Odyssey 49 (2005)                      Sun Odyssey 36i (2012)                   Bavaria 46 Cruiser (2008)                 Bavaria 40 Cruiser (2008)

                                        10 pax / 4 cab / 4 wc                              7 pax / 3 cab / 1 wc                                9 pax / 4 cab / 2 wc                               7 pax / 3 cab / 2 wc

                            THE FLEET

Sun Odyssey 49 (2005)
10 pax / 4 cab / 4 wc
Sun Odyssey 36i (2012)
7 pax / 3 cab / 1 wc
Bavaria 46 Cruiser (2008)
9 pax / 4 cab / 2 wc
Bavaria 40 Cruiser (2008)
7 pax / 3 cab / 2 wc

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